Retro is the style, ancient Europe is the setting. With an eclectic mix of modern music (rap, country, pop, etc) this musical has it all!

Come prepared to

1: Sing 32 bars of a song. Any style is accepted but broadway belt is preferred. We would like to get an idea of your vocal range and power so please keep that in mind!

2: Cold read

AUDITION DATES: December 12 – 13, 7 pm – 9:30 pm. Come either day.

AUDITION ADDRESS: Timeless Timbre Music185 N Main St,      Spanish Fork, UT

AUDITION ENTRANCE is located in the rear of the building. There is also plenty of parking located in the rear with limited parking in the front.

If you have conflicts with audition/callback dates but are still interested please email cobb&

Attendance at callbacks will be REQUIRED for all who attend auditions. Callbacks will be held 12/14/2019 9am – 1pm. Please be prepared to come.

ADDRESS: Angelus Theatre 165 N Main St, Spanish Fork, UT 85660 (Next door to audition address)

CALLBACKS will include

1: Dance/movement

2: More cold reading!

PERFORMANCE DATES: March 6 – March 21. Mon, Fri, Sat.
PERFORMANCE VENUE: Angelus Theatre, 165 N Main St, Spanish Fork, UT

Rehearsals: Tentatively Jan 11 – Mar 5th.

CHARACTERS (Vocal Range/Description)


Raghnah – Alto (B). Elderly. Royal Sorceress.

Isolde – Soprano (High D) Dutiful, somber, yet playful at times.

Tristram – Tenor (High A) Sober, withdrawn, honor bound.

Dunoweth – Soprano (High F# with lower option) Jealous, obsessive, conniving.

King Mark – Tenor (brief Ab) Self absorbed. High minded.

Grenwulf – Baritone or Bass (C#, Optional F) Evil Saxon King. Bloodthirsty.

Garreth: N/A. Over the top flirt. Fun loving.

Gret, Hesh, Kail, Fay (The “Saxonettes”) – Sopranos/Altos (brief C#). Classic quartet!

Edwin – N/A. Young Boy. Tristram’s student.

There are many chorus parts needed. Some speaking roles. Lots of dancing, singing, fighting!

DISCLAIMER: This is an original musical. As such the music is currently undergoing some final adjustments. it is possible the vocal ranges may alter somewhat. No drastic changes will take place however.